About Us

Kumbakonam Mutual Benefit Fund Nidhi Limited, fondly called as KMBF was established in the year 1903 by philanthropist large hearted gentlemen of Kumbakonam headed by Rao Bahadur Sri.N.Krishnaswami lyyengar, with a view to enable a man of ordinary and limited means to develop habits of thrift to save something out of his income and to invest it in such a way as may enable him to rely on his savings for his emergency. Main objective is to encourage and afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, saving habits and to grant loans to the members only against Gold Jewellery on such terms and condition as per rules and regulations prescribed in law for Nidhi. The functioning of the company is governed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Reserve Bank of India.

What we do

Our NIDHI is the one of the oldest and largest Nidhi company in India having 116 Branches, out of which 115 Branches across Tamil Nadu and one at Karaikkal. We have crossed 11 lakhs of share holders and doing business with them. Since its inception our Nidhi has been following the hermetic principles of Trust and a guarantee of fairness and balance which remain the cause of our goodwill. The golden jubilee, Diamond jubilee, Platinum Jubilee and the Inaugural day celebration of the Centenary year of our Nidhi were mantled at its due stages in the presence of illustrious persons leaves most of the other Nidhis in India at the starting post

In the current era of high speed banking and marketing and in the changing phenomena of banking pluralism, KMBF Nidhi Limited has been treading its way with an enviable pace. The Nidhi is the foremost Nidhi Company in the Nidhi Industry, which serves the Lower Middle Class and Middle Class of the society devotedly since several decades and been totally freed from the unethical rivalries.

KMBF Nidhi limited has completed its 120 years of existence. From a humble beginning, we have achieved an all Tamil Nadu presence with branches across the state. KMBF is not just an institution for us, it is a vision and a mission. The long heritage of our Nidhi speaks itself for its strength and financial conduct and discipline among the people. Our Nidhi has truly bridged the chasm between promise and performance.

No doubt when a few Nidhis were languishing due to their own ills, our Nidhi indisputable worth was manifested in public, for many berefters of such ill fated Nidhis have immediately chosen our Nidhi as hobson's choice for investing their hard earned money.

We accept deposits from our shareholders within the stipulated norms issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The funds mobilized are utilized to a great extent for advance of Gold Loans. Thus, the funds are fully secured and therefore the investments with us are in very safer havens.

There has never been any instance of delay/non repayment deposits, claimed on maturity dates.

NPA (Non-performing Assets)

We are very proud to say there is no NPA in our organisation for last 20 years.